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yoga for period pain

Yoga For Period Pain | Interview with Jess Fraser Yoga

I love looking for natural period pain remedies. Whether that is through yoga for period pain, herbs, supplements, acupuncture or natural oils.

In this post, we hear from London yoga teacher, Jess Fraser. She demonstrates 4 simple and effective yoga for period pain moves to help her ease cramps.

natural remedy for period pain


Bath for period pain relief – heavenly!

When period pain strikes, the last thing on your mind is exercise right? However, it is said that doing some gentle movement can help to naturally alleviate these nasty period pains that we are all too familiar with.

Light exercise can help to improve circulation in the pelvic area, which means less menstrual pains. The endorphins released through exercise can also help to enhance and boost your overall mood, meaning you are more likely to be able to cope with any mood swings headed your way.

During our period our body’s energy is at it’s lowest so a regular yoga practice can help to support, nourish and calm the body and mind during this time. Yoga also allows us to be more connected and in tune with our bodies and our womanhood. natural remedy for period pain

No one woman is the same and how each woman responds to their menstrual cycle will of course differ so we will need to modify our yoga practice to our own personal needs.

These four simple yoga for period pain poses can all be practiced from the comfort of your own home.

They can help to sooth and ease any discomfort and pains that we might experience during this time of the month.

So the next time you feel those dull telltale aches, I urge you to make your way to your mat, floor or even bed and try out these simple yoga for period pain poses.

 1. Child’s pose childs pose for period pain

Come to sit on your heels and begin to fold the body weight forwards over the legs, stretching your arms out in front of you and let your forehead kiss the floor. Surrender the full weight of your body over the legs.

The knees can either be touching or slightly wider apart depending on personal preference. Keeping the knees together will release in to the lower back more. Taking the knees wide will begin to work in to the hips.

This is a great one for reliving pains in the lower back as well as the abdomen. Take deep breaths in and out through the nose, breathing deep down in to the belly to help with any internal cramping. 

2. Legs up the wall pose period pains legs up wall This is exactly as it sounds, lie on your back and shuffle your bum up against the wall. Send your legs directly up against the wall in front of you so that they are at a 90 degree angle to your body

Breathe here.

This is great for increasing blood circulation and also draining the lymphatic system both of which are going to help to relieve any abdominal cramps. 

3. Standing forward fold  natural period pain remedy Any type of forward folding motion is good for decreasing cramps and releasing through the lower back. Forward folds are very grounding postures which will help to calm the body’s nervous system.

Come to standing and gently begin to fold the body over the legs finding a nice hanging sensation here. Makes sure that the body is nice and heavy over the legs, no tension in the back of the neck or shoulders. Let the arms dangle down to the floor. Some gentle sways from left to right can also feel nice here. 

4. Bound angle pose Come to a seated position and feel both seat bones rooted firmly to the ground beneath you. Place the soles of your feet to touch and let your knees gently fall open to the sides. Begin to lower your body weight softly between the legs until you come to a place that feels comfortable for you.

You can round in to the back and let the head hang nice and heavy here, relaxing out through the neck and shoulder area. This forward fold is going to help with any lower back pains while also gently stretching out through the groin.

I would recommend staying here for 10 full, deep belly breaths.

For more yoga related tips and tricks follow Jess on Instagram @jessfraseryoga 


Yoga for period pain

And breathe! How much better do you feel after going through those yoga for period pain moves?

We love combining yoga with a warm cup of chamomile tea featuring Our Remedy Moon Swings.

Lots of love, 

Our Remedy xxx

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