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4 Best Apps to Track Your Mood

apps to track your mood

Nowadays we care more than ever about our mental health. Conversations have opened up about it and the taboo is slowly being lifted. 

Mood tracking is something that a professional might recommend as a way to improve your mental health. If, like me, you kept a diary all through your teens and beyond then you might already be familiar with mood tracking. But you know what, there’s an app for it now!

In fact, there are lots of apps to track your mood. We’ve rounded up some of our favourites and are going to take you through them in this article. 

Best apps to track your mood

Daylio Journal 

Daylio Journal is a simple app that is well rated amongst the self-care crowd. Each day you can select how you are feeling, the activities you have done and add in any notes. 

The app will keep a log of your moods and how you felt each day. Over time you might be able to see some trends in activities that make you feel good, and activities that don’t. Mood charts give you a simple way to see how many times you have felt low throughout the month and years. 

If you are seeing a pattern of lots of low moods, it could signal an issue and might be something to see your doctor about.

This free app has a lock on it too, so no one can take a peek! 

OMG It’s free!

Mood Notes

Mood Notes is another easy app to use. Add your mood each day, describe your thoughts and emotions. You can also track what is on your mind by adding more details and even pictures.

Over time you will be able to see your mood patterns to easily find out how often your mood is low. The app even gives you thinking traps such as blame and gives you some information on overcoming it. 

In the app, you can also read articles and learn more about your mind and how to work on issues you may have. 

Like lots of apps, there is a premium version of this. On the premium version, you can make unlimited entries each day, access more articles and more.

Take a look


Moodkit is an app that takes professional psychology strategies for your everyday life. It helps to chart and rate your mood, create diary entries, engage in mood-enhancing activities and change unhealthy thinking. 

Activities within the app gives you the tools and suggestions to help boost your mood. You can schedule activities, write about them and share with others. 

Use the thought checker to gather your thoughts and negative feelings. This will help you to identify things that make you feel anxious, distressed, upset or angry.

Track your mood each day and over time you will be able to notice patterns for how you feel. 

Finally, you can also add diary entries to the app. These are all protected by a password so you know it is a safe space where there can’t be any snooping! 

It is really easy to use and follows CBT therapy principles that help people who are struggling with anxiety, depression and stress.

Go take a look

Worry Watch

Love the Worry Watch! Guided journaling helps you to get your worries down on ‘paper’, reason, respond and reflect. You also have access to de-stress techniques such as breathing, meditation and more. 

Track your mood, note your energy levels and identify your triggers to help you manage future situations. 

Within this app, you can also read inspirational quotes, positive affirmations and develop coping strategies.

Tracking your worries helps you to understand any patterns of what you worry about. Check back over past data to look for trends and charts. 

Check them out

Why use apps to track your mood?

  • Password protected
  • Easy to look back over and spot trends 
  • Identify your triggers 
  • Understand yourself better
  • You can add diary entries whenever, no need to wait until you get home 
  • They’re easy and intuitive
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