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CBD for Muscle Recovery – Does it Work?

CBD For Muscle Recovery – Does It Work?

CBD for Muscle Recovery

When you start a new workout program, lift heavier weights, try a new exercise or add in more reps or sets you might notice muscles ache up to 72 hours post workout.

This is called delayed onset muscle soreness, AKA DOMS.

Why do you get DOMS?

When you exercise it causes teeny tiny tears in your muscle fibres. The fibres break down and build back up stronger. However, your body will respond to this damage by increasing inflammation. It is this inflammation that causes you to wince when you try to lift your arms or get off the sofa after leg day.

Does having DOMS mean you did a more effective workout?

This is a common question. As my time as a Personal Trainer I have heard clients say ‘I wasn’t as sore last week so I can’t have worked as hard.’


The reason the client may not have been so sore as previous sessions could have been because their body is used to the stimulus it was under. It knows the exercise. No extra weight, reps or sets were added. 

So, just because you don’t feel sore the next day it doesn’t mean that you aren’t working hard or progressing. In fact, if you are really sore you might be put off going to the gym as soon as you would if you didn’t have muscle pain. 

What can you do for muscle recovery?

If you have started a new class or increased weight, reps or sets in the gym, feeling sore might be in the post for you. Thankfully, there are things you can do and take for muscle recovery. Afterall, you are likely to want to feel refreshed and to get back in the gym as soon as possible, particularly if you are working towards a goal.

Here are 5 ways to help recover your muscles after a workout.

Recover in a warm bath 

A warm bath seems to be the cure for so much. Bad day? Bath. Hungover? Bath. Stressed? Bath. Period pain? Bath. Easing your aching muscles in a warm bath can do wonders. Try adding a dose of Epsom Salts to the bath too. Epsom salts are high in magnesium, something that helps muscles to heal and repair.


Take anti inflammatory drugs 

For many of our readers, we know that over the counter meds are the last resort. You might well prefer a natural method. However, if the pain from your workout is really severe and you are struggling to get on with your day to day, then you might take some anti-inflammatory drugs, or use a gel containing ibuprofen.

CBD for muscle recovery 

CBD for muscle recovery is our personal go-to. Studies have found that CBD oil may help to relieve the pain caused by the workout. A daily dose of CBD oil may reduce body aches, inflammation and pain, all of which can happen after a heavy session. In fact CBD is so great for pain relief that many swear by CBD to help with chronic pain and period cramps. 

Aside from using CBD for muscle recovery, there are other benefits to using the cannabinoid that may help you in the gym and to wind down from sessions.

CBD as a wind down – When you workout in the evening it can make you feel wired. This is because exercise gets your nervous system all fired up and it makes it hard to sleep. CBD may be the antidote you need to relax a wired mind and body. Simply add a dose of CBD to a herbal tea and enjoy some chill time and the effects of CBD for muscle recovery.

CBD and a decent recovery kip – Sleep is a really important factor when it comes to muscle recovery. When we are asleep is when our muscles rebuild and repair. CBD may help you to drift off easier. 

CBD as a motivator – As well as helping you wind down, CBD can also help you to stay energised and motivated. Something you are going to need if you want to stick at your plan and reach your goal. You might find higher doses of CBD make you feel sleepy, so if you are taking it before your session, choose a lower dose and see how you get on.

Self massage – get foam rolling!

If you can’t get an appointment for a sports massage there are lots of foam rolling techniques that can help release some of the tension in your muscles. 20 minutes on the roller right after exercise has been found to be a great recovery aid.

Foam rolling isn’t always comfortable, just like a sports massage isn’t. However, it shouldn’t be painful. There are lots of YouTube videos sharing different foam rolling methods that will be worth checking out. 

Drink water 

Being dehydrated can make muscle recovery worse. Make sure you are drinking plenty of water before, during and after your workout. Remember, your herbal tea with CBD will count towards your water intake. Bonus! 

What wins for us?

We use CBD for muscle recovery. Our Remedy CBD tastes fantastic in a herbal tea or just directly from the pipette. It is broad spectrum which means it contains 0% THC, but still is packed with terpenes and all the good stuff from the plant. 

CBD for muscle recovery also helps with sleep, pain, motivation and inflammation. Absolute win! 

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