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Medical Review Policy

Medical Review Policy


The internet is full of content on pretty much every topic, and the health and wellness space is no different. However, quality, trustworthy content is actually a little harder to come by. Our mission is to earn your trust by creating quality, well researched and honest articles.


We decide what to write based on questions from you. We get daily DMs with new questions that are real and relevant. From this we research answers, create articles and then have a Doctor review our work. 


We are a small team of women from different walks of life and with different experiences. We have our own ups and downs – just like you! 

On our team we have a Doctor who specialises in obstetrics and gynecology, a female fitness trainer and women with real life experiences they are ready and willing to share. 

We write from our own experiences and expertise so that we can be a source of information that you can learn from, relate to and most importantly, trust.


Our Remedy’s content is medically reviewed by the Doctor on our team. She fact checks and ensures accuracy in our content so we can be confident in what we are sharing with you. 


We keep our content current and updated. Things change day to day, and year from year. We want to be sure that you are getting this month’s information, rather than something that was the true last year. 

The world is ever-changing and new research is evolving, so our content is too. 


We close each blog with our email address and Instagram handle. Our DMs are always open! 

It might be that you relate to something we are speaking about and would like a little advice, or maybe you’ve got a question about CBD or our experiences, message us. 

[email protected]@itsourremedy