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Seed Cycling – What is It? Will it Work? – We Gave it a Go

The what, why and how of seed cycling featuring the wonderful Bia Seeds

seed cycling - dark wooden spoon holding an array of seeds with seeds scattered aroundAt Our Remedy we love anything natural that helps to support our health, wellbeing and hormones. 

I first came across seed cycling in 2019 following a misscarraige. I had irregular cycles and unpredictable hormones that I knew I needed to sort out if I wanted to sustain a pregnancy. 

When Rachel told me she was having a chat with Bia Seeds, a seed cycling subscription service, I couldn’t wait for the video (click the image below to watch).

Seed cycling isn’t just for people wanting to get pregnant though. It is also for women who have heavy, long or painful periods, irregular cycles and even those without periods. 

In this blog, I will tell you about my experience with seed cycling as well as look into some research behind this natural remedy. 

What is seed cycling? 

Seed cycling is an old natural offering used by herbalists, naturopaths and in Chinese medicine. The idea is to consume different seed blends at various phases in your cycle, with the aim of supporting your hormones. 


The selection of seeds may help to boost or balance your natural levels of estrogen. If you have excess estrogen you might suffer from headaches, mood swings, PMS, irregular periods and more. Enjoying a daily dose of seeds throughout the month will be rich in fibre, which helps to flush out any excess estrogen. 

How do you seed cycle?

Your cycle is made up of 3 phases. Follicular, ovulation and luteal phase. 

During the follicular phase, which is the first day of your period up to ovulation, you enjoy a blend of flax and pumpkin. 

During ovulation and the luteal phase, which is up to the first day of your period, you try a blend of sesame and sunflower. 

You can add your daily seeds into a smoothie or porridge, sprinkle on a salad or whizz into a recipe. Bia Seeds subscription comes with delicious, natural recipes to try too.

Why seeds may help with hormones?

Seeds contain plant hormones which may help to support our own hormones. Flax and sesame seeds contain lignans. These lignans bind excess estrogen and may support the production of estrogen. This is what you want if you are either trying to get pregnant or regulate your period. 

Pumpkin seeds are a great source of zinc. Zinc is a mineral important for maintaining a pregnancy and may play a part in relieving menstrual cramps. 

How long does it take for seed cycling to work?

Bia Seeds told us that seed cycling takes around 3 months to really have an effect. Some people might notice effects sooner, but in general, give it 3 months.

I know when I was using seed cycling and working with my diet plan it took 3 months to get into a regular 30 day cycle (before they could be as long as 50 days to 3 months so this was a real win!)

Seed cycling in the menopause or without periods

Menopause causes a quick decline in estrogen. We know this can have some undesirable effects on mood and even quality of life. If you want a natural way to support your estrogen, seed cycling could be an option. 

If you don’t have periods then follow the moon cycle with seed cycling. You could start the ovulation and luteal phase seeds during the full moon and the follicular phase seeds during the dark moon. Bia Seeds notes in the video that different cultures follow different phases of the moon.

However you do it, it is a nice way to connect with nature. 

What are the side effects of seed cycling?

Providing you have no allergies to the seeds, then seed cycling isn’t going to have side effects like you might experience with medicines. 

Seed cycling is an old medicine. It is gentle and not a quick fix. It is something you put the time and effort into every day. 

Bia Seeds told us in the video that she loves how it helps to increase your awareness around your menstrual cycle. This is also something we advocate. Really getting to know your body and your hormones is invaluable. 

Does seed cycling help you get pregnant? – I tried it 

I started seed cycling in January 2019. In May 2019 I fell pregnant. I had irregular periods for years and knew that they needed to be fully functioning to get pregnant and stay pregnant.

Alongside seed cycling I made a few other changes. I reduced intense exercise, gained weight and drank seed filled smoothies.

Seed cycling helped me feel in control, like I was doing something to take charge of my body and fertility. When you’re trying for a baby you can feel very out of control! 

In January 2020 I had a healthy baby girl. 

Does seed cycling work?

I can’t say whether seed cycling will work for you. The way I see it is there is no harm in trying it. Much like CBD, it hasn’t had a huge amount of scientific research, but seeds are all natural and cycling them has lots of supporting anecdotal evidence.

We would love to hear from you on instagram, @itsourremedy, if you have given seed cycling a go.

Why not also give @biaseeds a follow while you’re there to learn more

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