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5 Eco-Friendly Christmas Decoration Ideas

Eco-Friendly Christmas Decorations

box of plastic baubles - eco friendly christmas

Time to deck the halls! Deck the halls with tinsel and deck the trees with bumper packs of plastic baubles… 

Or is it?

Maybe it is time to think a little differently about how we decorate our houses at Christmas and how we can make it more sustainable.

What’s wrong with plastic Christmas decorations?

Plastic is like a swear word right now. Tinsel and plastic baubles can’t be recycled and find their way into the landfill. It isn’t uncommon for people to want to change their colour scheme at Christmas and bumper boxes of baubles to suit the new theme. However, these cheap multipacks are easily broken and will likely end up in the bin after a single-use. 

We know what’s wrong with plastic. We know it pollutes the seas and kills wildlife. This is why we are going to avoid buying any new plastic from now on and stick to our Eco-Friendly Christmas decorations.

Tips for Eco-Friendly Christmas decorations

All is not lost. You can still have a bright and magical Christmas without tinsel looped up the bannister and hundreds of colour coded baubles.

baby in Santa hat wrapped in Christmas Lights - Eco-Friendly ChristmasChoose LED Christmas lights

On average, Christmas tree lights are on 10 hours a day. This is enough CO2 to fill 5 party balloons if they are incandescent bulbs (this is the term used for traditional bulbs). Choose LED Christmas light bulbs that use up to 90% less energy. LED lights also emit no heat or UV emissions, making them safer on your tree. They also have a long life span so you are buying less lights each year.

Get creative 

If you are creative with some art skills then get to work at making your own decorations. Sadly, I am a Pinterest fail kind of girl so they don’t work for me, but I have seen some really beautiful and inspiring creations. You can make them from ribbon, salt dough, things found in nature like pinecones and holly, card, paper – the options are endless! You can even make edible ones… Now I like the sound of that!! There are loads of gingerbread recipes out there which would make a lovely treat to add to your tree and eating them along the way means theres not waste…so eco-friendly!!!

Collect special ones each year

If you are not crafty then you might want to buy some new ones. What I am going to suggest here is playing the long game. Keep the plastic ones you have for now and treat yourself each year to one or two special decorations. Over the years you will have a tree of decorations that have meaning or a story. It’s always so nice to unwrap the special ones and hang them up!

Why not do what my mum does – every year since I was a little girl she has bought me and my sister a Christmas Tree Decoration each, so that now I am older and have my own tree I have a whole array of beautiful, intricate Christmas Decs that I will keep forever.

 Wooden decorations

You can buy wooden decorations reasonably cheap. Often they come in sets with different shapes and stencils. Wood decorations are a great way to keep your tree looking natural and eco friendly without it costing too much. They will also last for years so you can bring them out each year.

Bring back the paper chains!

Paper chains are a great alternative to tinsel and are pretty fun (and easy!) to make. If you have kids you can get them involved in the sticking and glueing for a rainy day activity. When it comes to taking the decorations down you can either recycle these or use them for next year. 

In the office this year, we created tree ornaments all from our old boxes – head over to our Instagram to check it out.

We hope you are getting into the Christmas spirit! 

Our Remedy  x o 

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