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How to Go Vegan – 5 Ways to Nail Veganism

how to go vegan You have decided to take the plunge and go vegan. Fantastic news! We don’t have to preach to you the benefits on the planet and your health, so this blog is going to focus more on how to go vegan, rather than the why.

The team at Our Remedy are vegetarians and vegans and we have been for over 15 years now. In just that short time, in the grand scheme of things anyway, there has been such a wider offering of vegan products as more people turn to plant based life. 

Which is amazing and makes your going vegan that little easier.

Right, let’s share some tips for how to go vegan.

1. Prepare for questions

how to go vegan easily Firstly, you need to prepare yourself for every vegan and vegetarian’s nightmare questions, including, but trust me, not limited to:

‘Won’t you miss cheese?’

‘What about chocolate?’

‘Do you only eat veg then?’

‘Would you like some rabbit food for dinner – ha-ha-ha’

‘Is there anything on the menu you can eat?’

‘Why are you vegan/vegetarian’

‘Do you eat bacon still’ (my Nan genuinely asked this one)

You can guarantee someone in your family or friends, particularly if they are not vegan or veggie themselves, will ask questions. It is also good to get it clear in your head the WHY you are going vegan. Not that you need to justify yourself, at all. But it makes it easier to answer the inevitable questions.

Knowing WHY you are going vegan will help you on those days when you have a hankering for dairy or meat . It is also good to remember how the vegan lifestyle is making you feel and to think about this during these times.

Hopefully they will also as you how to go vegan!

2. Prepare yourself

When I first went vegetarian I was 14. My friend gave me a sausage roll day 2 into being veggie and I ate it, totally forgetting my new ways! This happens.

You have probably been eating meat for years and it is very easy to forget yourself, particularly in the early days.

You might decide to transition slowly from meat to vegetarian then to vegan. This gradual swap could include you eating meat on the weekends or going veggie one day a week and weaning yourself off it gradually.

If you feel ready to take the plunge then by all means do so but don’t be hard on yourself if you forget! 

3. Prepare the fridge

how to go vegan Ideas for how to go vegan will include food shopping and going to the aisle in the supermarket you might not have ventured down before. You may even pick up different veggies, pulses and grains to what you would have had before.

Lentils and quinoa are a fantastic replacement for protein in meals. For example, mince dishes such as chilli or shepherds pie work really well with red split lentils or quinoa. 

4. Get inspired

going vegan I know you can get a recipe for every kind of banana bread and vegan delights through Google, but there is something about a recipe book or specific blog that really inspires.

Open your recipe book, or the vegan food blog you follow, and write your shopping list for the week.

The first few vegan shops will probably take you a little longer as you check packaging for dairy and get used to your new meals.

A few weeks in and you’ll be shopping vegan like a pro. 

It’s so easy to get stuck in a rut with your food. I eat the same food each week!

Going for a vegan diet is a great way to move out of your rut and try some new meals, veggies and flavour combos. 

5. Get support

go vegan It’s funny saying to get support here, but honestly, having your family or those you live with understand why you are going vegan, will help. 

If those you live with are trying to tempt you out of your new lifestyle talk to them about why it is important to you. 

Your family might even want to support you by joining you in vegan or veggie meals at home or a few days a week. 

How to go vegan easily

  • Transition slowly 
  • Be kind to yourself if you forget your new lifestyle momentarily 
  • Try out new flavours and recipes 
  • Give yourself time in the supermarket
  • Talk to your friends and family about your reasons and ask for their support 

Vegan diet for period pain

how to go vegan If your reason for going vegan is because you have heard how it may help with period pain, then you might be interested in this study.

A study published in Obstetrics and Gynecology found that by following a low fat and vegan diet reduced pain and PMS. 

The study involved a subset of women following either a regular diet or a low fat vegan diet. Those on the vegan diet found their symptoms to be reduced. 

Read more about how a vegan diet and overall diet can help with menstrual pains here.

If this is something you are struggling with each month, head over to our blog all about the topic of easing period pain naturally. 

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