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7 Way to to Have a More Sustainable Lifestyle

have a more sustainable lifestyleSustainable, eco-friendly, green recyclable… these are the words of the moment and quite rightly too. 

We’ve been on a mission to be more sustainable here at Our Remedy. We have been sharing tips with you in our eco-friendly blog series. We’ve covered sustainable Christmas, eco friendly supermarket shops, green periods and have lots more in the pipeline. 

But, how do we have an overall more sustainable lifestyle? What are 7 things we can do this year to help the planet?

We’ve already adopted some of these, and plan to pick up more of them from now on. We’re not going to tell you to take your own bags shopping, we’re pretty sure that years of you forgetting and carrying all your items to the car has probably taught you that keeping bags in the boot is a good idea.

Fresh ideas for a more sustainable lifestyle are incoming. 

Eat less meat

It isn’t realistic for everyone to go plant-based or vegetarian. Too often I’ve seen friends turn veggie only to last a couple of weeks or months because it was too much of a challenge. Instead, make it your goal to eat less meat.

Here are ideas to help you eat less meat:
  • Meat-free Mondays  
  • Meat-free lunch every day/every other day
  • Only eat meat when you go out
  • See meat as a treat, like on a Sunday
  • Only have meat at the weekends 

Switch to an electric or hybrid car

This is the future. One day, not too far away, we will all have to have a hybrid or fully electric car. The sale of new petrol and diesel cars will be banned from 2030. When you are looking to get your next car, keep this in mind. They’re actually not as expensive as you might first think, and hopefully, as more are released they will come down in price. 

Have car free days 

I’ve recently switched to Vitality car Insurance (this isn’t an advert or affiliation!) and I now get points that convert to a free coffee or movie if I don’t use my car for a day. This really makes me think –  do I need to drive to the shop? There have been lots of times where I choose to stay local rather than head into town. Not only do car-free days save me on my carbon footprint, but they also save me money I’d easily spend in town! 

Shop second hand 

I often shop at the local charity shop. I live in a nice area and the people are generous with their donations. You can easily pick up branded clothes there, sometimes with the tags still on! There are some really great charity shops on the high street and no, I doubt anyone died in it  we need to get past that idea. 

Besides charity shops, there are also high street boutiques selling second-hand clothes. Online you have apps like Depop, SPOK, eBay, Facebook Marketplace and more. Challenge yourself to not buy anything new for an entire year.

Plan your meals 

Food production, cooking and storing all use energy, water and fuel. These greenhouse gasses then contribute to climate change. This makes not wasting food really important when you are looking for ways to be more sustainable. 

Plan your meals carefully. Look at the dates on the food you buy. Freeze leftovers and label it properly so you don’t have to play freezer bingo in a months time. 

Check out our blog on how to have an eco friendly supermarket shop for extra ideas around food and shopping. 

Borrow, don’t buy

It is so easy to jump on Amazon or another fast delivery website and order something when you need it. What happened to asking a neighbour or a friend you know has what you need if you can borrow it?

Most estates, villages and neighbourhoods these days have a Facebook or even Whatsapp group. Drop a message in the group asking if anyone has what you’re after. From my neighbours, I’ve recently borrowed a football pump and a drill from people on my street. 

Go paperless

The majority of big companies now offer you the option to go paperless with your bills and statements. Make sure you tick this box on your preferences. Who needs loads of mail flying through their letterbox? 

There you have it, 7 ways to be more sustainable in your everyday life. If we all make some small changes and the occasional sacrifice, together we can make a difference.

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