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how to quit caffeine

How To Quit Caffeine | 4 Steps To Freedom

I started drinking tea when I was 7 years old. I’m not sure I can see myself offering my 6 year old a cuppa but I do think it was a little bit of a different era back then. 

Anyway, 30 years later I sit here writing this with a cup of mint tea 9 days into quitting caffeine and feeling great, so I wanted to share how to quit caffeine with you.

how to quit caffeine

Firstly, why worry about how to quit caffeine? 

I am not here to bad mouth caffeine, it has its place. There are actually lots of benefits to drinking caffeine but for me, it just wasn’t working. I am definitely more sensitive to it and that jittery feeling was pretty much constant in the past few months, not just after a flat white. 

I started learning about the downsides of caffeine when I was researching natural ways to help anxiety, and quitting caffeine kept coming up. 

Some people are just more prone to the jittery anxious feeling caffeine can give you and for me it made me feel more stressed and ‘busy’. If you have come across this blog then chances are you know the feeling and would like to know how to quit caffeine. 

I am well and truly a tea addict though, so I didn’t really want to entertain the idea. If I am honest, I actually did not think it would be possible to break the 30 year habit.

So I am feeling pretty proud of myself today! 

Here is exactly how I quit caffeine.

Here’s How To Quit Caffeine 

I started by cutting out the coffee, which I would usually only have one a day anyway and I don’t love it as much as tea. So this wasn’t too difficult. 

I did this for around a week, even going out for coffee and ordering a decaf. I was surprised to find it actually tasted exactly the same, but I am no coffee connoisseur. 

I then went down to 2 teas a day, which I did struggle with. I usually have about 6 a day, so I found this tough. I subbed them with herbal tea, so I was still making a hot drink, just making sure it was caffeine free like our Oh My Flo herbal tea

how to quit caffeine

I did this for 4 days before deciding it was time to say goodbye to caffeine for good. 

I actually didn’t put any pressure on myself to quit on a certain day, but I was ready. I was shocked I had gone a few days on just 2 cups of tea, and there was no harm in giving it a go and seeing if it helped my jittery, stressed and anxious feeling

Quitting Caffeine – Day 1

I woke up and made myself a decaf tea, in the hope of tricking my brain. Now I am an early riser. I say me, my son is. He gets up around 5.30am every day, so I have spent years convinced I need my morning tea to function.

I was shocked when after an hour of being up I felt the same as I usually do, just less jittery. I was still a little tired, but then I usually am anyway! I’d much rather it without the jittery feeling. 

I didn’t cave in at all that day, even when the sun was shining and I sat in the garden, thinking a tea would be lovely. 

Quitting Caffeine – Day 2

I coped fine again, even treated myself to some fancy decaf from M&S (highly recommended these!) 

how to quit caffeine

Quitting Caffeine – Day 3

The tiredness hit me at around 11am and I had no choice but to have a 20 minute nap that turned into an hour nap… oops. Lucky I work for myself and from home!

Quitting Caffeine – Day 4

I was SO tried on day 4 that the only word I could use to describe it was ‘exhausted’. It was like all of the sleep I needed but had been masking with caffeine was hitting me. 

Normally I think ‘I’m tired’ so I have tea. Suddenly, I had no choice but to give in and nap. Another hour nap in the bank. 

“It was like all of the sleep I needed but had been masking with caffeine was hitting me.”

– Rachel on How To Quit Caffeine –

Quitting Caffeine – Day 5

This was the worst day of quitting caffeine.  I was on my way home and I just felt drained. I ached, I was exhausted and I felt so cold. It was like I was coming down with something. I got home at 4pm and went straight to bed. I woke up the next day at 6am. Wow! Talk about catching up.

Quitting Caffeine – Day 6

This is when I started to feel better. I wasn’t ill, I hadn’t come down with anything. I actually felt full of energy on this day. I had a really productive and creative day. I felt great.

Quitting Caffeine – Day 7

I think this is the day I realised I was over caffeinated drinks. 

I wasn’t as anxious, I felt less stressed and rushy and I hadn’t had that jittery feeling for a week. 

how to quit caffeine

To Sum Up How To Quit Caffeine 

I highly recommended cutting caffeine out slowly, like I did. The main side effects I hear about are headaches, and thank goodness I didn’t get any, and I think this was because I hadn’t gone cold turkey. Here’s a how to quit caffeine summary:

  • Cut it out slowly 
  • Switch to decaf 
  • Be prepared for how much you’ll want a nap (plan it on your working from home days!)
  • Know that it won’t take long to get over it 
  • Stock up on decaf herbal drinks 
  • Drink lots of water incase you get the withdrawal headaches 

If you have quit caffeine and still find you’re struggling with anxiety, you should check out this blog I have written on natural ways to manage anxiety >>

Quitting caffeine may help you, but it might not be the answer to your problems. Personally, I think my cocktail of supplements really helps me. I take ashwagandha everyday, you can read more about the benefits of ashwagandha here >>.

Now, I’m off to make a (de-caf) tea. Any questions email me [email protected] or message me on instagram @itsourremedy

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