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natural ways to help anxiety

Rating Natural Ways To Help Anxiety Out Of 10

natural ways to help anxiety
natural ways to help anxiety

For the past few months I have started to notice I am a little bit anxious,  even getting quite physical symptoms of anxiety. Namely, I have been struggling to take a nice deep breath and I am very jumpy. 

This has forced me to think about what I am doing day to day that is causing that and how I can change it. 

I do think some of mine is caused by being in the menopause too, which can drastically increase feelings of anxiety, unfortunately.

We have looked at natural alternatives for anxiety before but I have never rated them.

So here we go, here are some natural ways to help anxiety marked out of 10. There are some 10/10s on here too…  : )

Natural Ways To Help Anxiety – Marked Out Of 10

Journaling 7/10

natural ways to help anxiety

I have been journalling since I was about 10 years old, I do find it helps me offload a lot of what is in my head and it is good to get it out. 

It doesn’t help with anxiety directly but it does help a little with problem solving and in turn that might help you with anxiety so 7/10. 

Natural, easy to do and accessible to anyone who can write. 

Slowing down 8/10

We all live busy lives these days. 

Notifications are constantly popping up on our phones, we commit to things we may not once have done because ‘everyone else’ is doing something on a Friday, so you have to… 

You don’t. Slow down, say no. 

This has really helped me. I have been trying to focus on one task at a time and I have turned notifications off on my phone to help me slow down. 

8/10 because anyone can do this and I think living a fast paced life in fight or flight mode is probably causing anxiety. 

Ashwaganda 8/10

Ashwagandha is an adaptogenic herb and one that lots of people use for stress and anxiety but as I haven’t experienced anxiety until recently, I haven’t felt the need for it.

I have been taking it for a couple of weeks now and I do feel that as a natural part of my anxiety reducing routine it helps, so 8/10.

You can read more about the benefits of taking ashwaganda here. This article is a great in depth read on ashwagandha and anxiety.

NOTE: Please do check with a pharmacist or doctor about this natural way to help anxiety as ashwagandha may have some interactions with meds.

natural ways to help anxiety

Counting objects 5/10

When I was looking for natural ways to help anxiety I kept reading about counting things around you when you are feeling anxious. I think this acts as a way to bring you back in the room. 

I have tried counting objects or things in certain colours but it doesn’t really work for me in helping long term, but may be okay for a quick fix. 

I find I am thinking about what was making me anxious after I have finished my counting, so it’s only getting a 5/10 from me. 

Cutting down caffeine 5/10

Caffeine can cause you to feel more jittery and anxious so it is definitely a good idea to cut down. This is one of those quick, natural ways to help anxiety that will also save you money (thank me later)

The only problem for me is well, that I love tea, but also I do struggle a little bit with sleep because of my anxiety, so I really do feel I need my tea and coffee during the day. Catch 22 much?

Do try cutting down though and stopping caffeine after a certain time, for me the cut off is 3pm. 

Magnesium 10/10

Magnesium is mostly known as a natural remedy for sleep because it is a relaxant but that also means it may help your brain relax when it goes into overdrive, which anxiety will probably cause your brain to do. It does mine anyway. 

It’s a natural and vital mineral so definitely is worth a go. You can feel the effects pretty instantly as it is a natural sedative and it is relatively cheap to buy which is why it’s getting a 10/10 from me. 

Our magnesium is just £9.99 for 60 capsules, which you can buy here >>. 

If you’re wondering does magnesium actually work this is a great overview of Becky’s experience. 

As natural ways to help anxiety go, magnesium is one of my go to supplements. We sell this on our website or on Amazon, if Prime is more your thing.

natural ways to help anxiety

Stopping social media 10/10

Anxiety can be caused by thinking about the future and that is what social media does, even though you might not realise it. 

You’re probably thinking about things you don’t have yet and comparing yourself to others. 

As natural ways to help anxiety go this is getting a 10/10 as this is free to do and I think will probably have the most impact on you long term. 

Meditation 6/10

natural ways to help anxiety

I wish I was better at meditation and it sometimes makes me feel anxious that I am doing it wrong. 

I know meditations for anxiety can be beneficial but it is hard and it does take practice. I try and do at least 5 minutes a day but my brain is always so active I do find it hard. 

If you want to try meditation, start with a minute and build up so that you don’t get overwhelmed, it’s a long game as natural ways to help anxiety go.

I’m going to preserve but for now I am giving it 6/10.

Being in nature 10/10

This can also be combined with walking which is a form of gentle exercise so it’s doubly beneficial for anxiety.

I love being by the sea or walking in the woods. Try and do it without music or a podcast on and just listen to the sounds around you. 

10/10 as it is free to do and really easy to incorporate into your daily routine. 

This is me hugging a tree. Yep, I do that : )

Remember the fact about decisions 8/10

I struggle to make decisions when I am anxious so I take this strategy I heard Barack Obama uses and apply it to whatever I am struggling with… 

You just need to get to 51% sure, once you are 51% sure you have your decision and don’t look back and question it. 

I’m sure he is making huge decisions on a daily basis and using this strategy but it helps me with even the smallest things when I am really struck in that cycle of anxiety about making the wrong choice so 8/10. 

Talking to friends 9/10

As the saying goes ‘a problem shared is a problem halved so it’s always a good idea to talk to people you trust and care about you. 

Doing the evidence test 8/10

The evidence test is this…. you take your problem, for example ‘I don’t think I am good enough at my job’ Write down any evidence there is to support what you think and then write down evidence to support the opposite so in this case it would be ‘reasons you are good at your job’

There are lots more natural ways to help anxiety but these are ones I have tried and what I have found helped. Try not to get too overwhelmed with things to try. A good place to start might be my 10/10s. 

Why don’t you start today coming off social media, going for a walk in nature and add magnesium and ashwaganda into your routine. 

Just try to relax : )


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