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im not doing veganuary

I’m NOT doing Veganuary. Here’s why.

(and before any vegans get mad, give me a chance to explain!)

Last January 1st I went from veggie to vegan, all in the name of the very well known Veganuary.

I ditched all the dairy, tried all the vegan cheeses on the market and hunted in all the shops for anything labelled vegan.

Even though I have been vegetarian for 15 years, I found it hard. 

And because I found it hard, I ended up eating unhealthy, processed food just because it was labelled vegan and it was readily available.

When February came I was looking forward to not having to think about being ‘vegan’

I wanted to do this for the planet and animals, but I didn’t feel healthy in myself, doing it.

I realised the thing I didn’t like about being vegan was just the fact that I was eating lots of processed foods. I mean, Mcdonalds do a vegan burger, it definitely doesn’t mean it’s healthy.

I also don’t want to support companies (like Mcdonalds) that over breed and cause so much damage to the world.

So this year I have decided to do a ‘plant based’ diet, which I am seeing as lots of fruit and veg along with healthy carbs.

One of my favourite vegan treats!

I also don’t want the pressure of saying ‘I’m vegan’. 

I pretty much have been vegan the whole of January so far but it’s the same with any diet, if you tell yourself you’re not allowed something, you suddenly want it.

So I’m following a plant based diet full of healthy, whole foods in the hope that come February I won’t feel there is something missing that I am looking forward to bringing back into my life.

So I’m not doing Veganuary but hopefully starting a plant based diet that I will continue well past January.

And save lots of cows in the process!

For the record… I think Veganuary is incredible, I love their social media content and the idea behind it. If everyone participated in some kind of vegan activity the world would be a much better place. Go check out their website for some inspo on giving the vegan diet a go, even if you do it one day a week, you can make a difference.

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