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how to stop burn out at work

Overcoming Burnout at Work


Whether you are employed, or self employed, burnout can be a real issue in our generation. These days, the world is ‘always on’. We can access emails 24/7 and thanks to 2020 we can work from anywhere better than ever. 

But that doesn’t mean you should.

Burnout is a real issue. Statistically, 84% of millennials say they have experienced burnout at their current job. 

Overcoming burnout at work is something we are learning so much more about recently as we try to navigate our new working world. 

One Friday we asked on Insta how everyone was feeling and so many of you shared that you were stressed, anxious and exhausted from the week gone by. 

Could it be burnout?

The WHO (world health organisation – not the band!) writes the following dimensions of burn-out

  • feelings of energy depletion or exhaustion;
  • increased mental distance from one’s job, or feelings of negativism or cynicism related to one’s job; and
  • reduced professional efficacy

Feeling any of these? 

In this blog, we are going to share some of the tips we have learned to help with overcoming burnout at work specifically. 

Tips for overcoming burnout at work

Tip #1  – Set your hours 

Decide on your working hours and stick to them. Whether you are employed or self employed set limits, otherwise you can quite literally find yourself thinking about work 24/7. Studies actually found that when working 50+ hours a week your productivity actually declines! 

Setting your hours can be difficult if you are working around family life. However, there is always somewhere you can find a slot. For me, I have a little one and my husband works full time. I find a window between 6am-9am to log a few hours. Then, when I am with my little one in the day I can be 100% with her and not checking emails (maybe a few at nap time!)  

Tip #2 – Talk to your boss (Or yourself if you are self employed!)

Hopefully your boss is approachable and you can have an honest conversation about feeling burnt out and needing to ease back a little or set some boundaries. 

You might be able to work with your boss to set hours and explain why you are not checking emails or taking calls at certain hours in the day. 

Now, I know from first hand experience that not all bosses are approachable in this way. Particularly in the sales industry you are expected to be ‘always on’ and ready to respond whatever day it is. 

Some people thrive on this kind of business environment. Personally, I didn’t. I knew the only way of overcoming burnout at work was to quit and change industry. 

If your boss isn’t up for helping you stop burnout, then think about your career and if you are swapping your mental health and wellbeing for a job. 

If you are self employed, have a word with yourself!! 

Tip #3 – Log off

Log out of your emails and laptop during your downtime. Switch off physically and mentally. Try a yoga class, release some endorphins with exercise, read a book, turn your bathroom into a spa, watch TV and go to sleep early.

If you are exhausted and trying to work, chances are you are going to produce something sub standard. It would be better to get some rest, have some down time and pick the work back up when you are rested. 

Tip #4 – Have a separate work phone if possible 

When you have your work life mixed with your personal life on your phone in the form of apps and emails, things could get a little blurred.

Try to have a phone primarily for work and another for personal use. If this isn’t possible, separate out the work apps in a folder so you aren’t tempted to check work things during your log off time. 

Tip #5 – Look at your schedule 

Are you rushing about from meeting to meeting (whether virtual or face to face?). Look at your diary and decide whether you need to be present in them all. If you do, then decide how you could space them out a little better, or if you could make some virtual if they are face to face to save the travel time. 

Overcoming burnout at work 


Overcoming burnout at work is something many of us are feeling we need to do. Remember, just because you can check your emails in the middle of the night, it doesn’t mean you should. 


Draw clear lines between your work and personal life so you can be 100% present in both. 


What is your best tip for overcoming burnout at work? Share with us @itsourremedy 

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