does your period cause insomnia
does your period cause insomnia

Can your period cause insomnia?

Have you ever found yourself staring at the ceiling during your monthly cycle? Desperately tired and trying your hardest to drift off but nothing does the trick? Well, you’re not alone. In fact, your hormones are to blame for this period insomnia even though you’re so damn tired. 

Your cycle and insomnia explained

During the follicular phase, which is the first half of your cycle, your body increases estrogen production. This continues right up to ovulation. Once you have ovulated you move onto the second half of your cycle, the luteal phase. During this phase, progesterone production rises. Just before your period starts these hormone levels drop. This is the drop which can cause insomnia. 

Other factors which might lead to your insomnia which are PMS related are other symptoms. Being bloated, hot and anxious can all keep sleep at bay. 

How can I help period insomnia?

Room temperature 

During the luteal phase, your body temperature rises by 0.5 degrees. That rise in temperature can leave you feeling pretty sweaty and uncomfortable. Make sure you have a lighter duvet on, or the option to take off layers. Crack a window for a fresh breeze. 


If you are already suffering from PMS anxiety then a good idea is to relax before bed. Try a meditation app or do some gentle yoga or stretching before bed. 

Watch your diet

While you might be craving chocolate in every form available, chocolate contains caffeine. Too much caffeine before bed can impact your sleep. Try to eat the choc pre 2 pm rather than in the evening. Also, steer clear of tea and coffee. Opt for chamomile or herbal teas. 

Try a dose of CBD

CBD is a popular treatment for insomnia and sleep disorders. It is said to promote refreshing REM sleep. Not only that, CBD works to help balance your hormones. If you take it all through your cycle you will be more likely to see the benefits from a more balanced hormone profile. 

Period of insomnia

If you are suffering from period insomnia then give these tips a try. Better and more effective than counting sheep!

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