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With National Recycling Day on the horizon, it got us thinking about what we already do and what we can do better.

I’ve been digging around the internet looking for facts and I actually feel quite shocked. First, let’s look at the fact, then break it down into an actionable step, rather than just a ‘wow’ moment.

Recycling fact drop

Recycling Fact: Recycling 6 tea bags creates enough energy to boil the kettle to make another cup of Oh My Flo

Action: I always use the food bin. I know, it can smell gross and when I dropped it all over the pavement I questioned my life choices a little. BUT those melting ice caps keep me going. 

I have a reminder set on my phone to take the food bin out every other day. If we have fish or meat then it goes right out in the outside food bin rather than the caddy. 

Recycling Fact: It takes 70% less energy to recycle paper than it does to make it new from raw materials

Action:  I buy recycled toilet roll. Of course, it isn’t made from used toilet roll, just used paper. This is a product I have to buy new, but that doesn’t mean I can’t save some energy along the way.

Recycling Fact: As much as 50% of food waste is still edible. 

Action: I recently discovered that you can donate to your local food bank with food not bought in the shop you were at – did everyone know that?! I had a clear out and got rid of the unused food and tins that we won’t use and dropped them to the local Co-Op food bank station. 

Obviously all the food was edible and in date!

Recycling Fact: Wasting food costs a family £420 a year, on average. If we stop the food waste the CO2 impact would be the same as taking one in every 5 cars off the road 

Action: Some food I can’t donate to food banks. Veggies on the turn, sprouting potatoes and stale cereal are all foods that they’re not going to accept. 

However, that doesn’t mean it needs to go to waste. I just needed to get creative! I bury the potatoes in the garden and grow new ones. Blitz veggies into a soup, fruits into a smoothie. Use the off cereal to bake or make breadcrumbs.  My dog has leftovers like rice, bones and scrap veg.

Recycling Fact: Recycling just one aluminium can save enough energy to power an iPad for twenty hours. That’s a whole lot of Netflix binges.

Action: This one is back to the basics of separating out your recycling. I try to make it as easy and idiot proof as possible for everyone in my family to recycle. 

Have a separate bin for the recycling rather than letting it pile up on the side. I show my little one what I am doing and where things go. (Note – I have spent the last 11 years teaching my husband and I still find tea bags in with the paper… but I am trying my best!)

Recycling Fact: It takes 500 years for plastic to fully decompose

Action: This is another one of those recycling facts that you likely already knew. But I wanted to share what I am trying to do to reduce single plastic waste. 

  1. I take reusable bags when I go shopping. If I forget, then I don’t allow yourself a new one. Trust me, carrying your entire shopping basket in your arms, or packing items directly into your boot will surely make me remember next time!
  2. I use a mesh bag for loose fruit and veggies rather than ones packaged in plastic
  3. I always carry a reusable bottle on me
  4. Same as above but coffee mug
  5. I look to buy from brands who use plastic free packaging
  6. I use a bar of soap rather than shower gel 
  7. I use shampoo bars 
  8. I made a switch to plastic free or reusable period products 
  9. I look for products that do plastic free refills rather than buying more plastic. On this note too, when I am buying something new, I google plastic free options for the product first. 
  10. I promise to NEVER buy a plastic toothbrush again! Bamboo for life.

What is your best recycling fact that helped you to change your habits? Share with us on Insta, we’re @itsourremedy.

Lots of Love, 

Our Remedy xxx 

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