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Vaginal Hygiene 101

Vaginal Hygiene 101

Listen up ladies, while you may be being sold all kinds of vaginal hygiene products to make your vagina clean as a whistle, you don’t need them. 

Put your money away, because your fantastic vagina is a low maintenance, self cleaning machine that doesn’t need all these well marketed soaps and no, you don’t need a vagina steam detox either. 

While there are all these products on the market aimed at making your vagina smell fresh, the fact is, your vagina shouldn’t smell like a rose garden. It has its own unique smell.

Using scented products, even when specifically designed for your vagina, can actually disrupt the delicate PH balance and cause infections and irritation. 

While we are on the subject of vagina smell, there are a few things that can change the scent, such as:

  • Wearing tight clothes
  • Getting sweaty 
  • Ovulation
  • Semen 
  • Contraceptive pill

However, if you have an infection or other problem then you might notice a fishy or unpleasant odour, which you should always see your doctor about.

Finally, something we have easy – a self cleaning organ – lets not make life harder for ourselves! 

Vaginal hygiene tips

1. Avoid using Soap

Scented soaps can cause disruption to the delicate PH balance and microbes in your vagina. A strong smelling soap may also hide an infection. It is good to know if there is a smell change and act on it.

2. Wash your vulva with warm water, daily 

Make sure you always take a moment to wash the outside of your vagina with warm water, everyday. You never need to wash your vagina, so avoid douching!

3. Wipe front to back

Always wipe front to back when you use the toilet. This prevents any unwanted bacteria from your anus finding its way into your vagina and keeps your vulva clean.

4. Change sanitary pads and tampons at least every 4-5 hours

Sanitary pads and tampons need to be changed every 4-5 hours, even if you have a light flow. This is because they can become a lovely and warm breeding ground for bacteria. Wearing a tampon for too long also increases the risk of TSS (Toxic Shock Syndrome).

5. Enjoy loose clothes

Tight leggings, tight undies, tight jeans – tights! Let your vagina breathe, girl! Wearing fitted clothing can restrict air flow and cause moisture.

You also would want to think about wearing knickers over a thong during exercise – embrace a VPL and avoid bringing anal bacteria into the vagina area.

After you have finished your spin class, HIIT session, dance workout, change your undies and leggings to prevent bacteria from thriving.

6. NEVER put food in your vagina

There are all kinds of crazy things on the internet for natural ways to get rid of XYZ.

However, if someone is suggesting that you put a bulb of garlic inside your vagina to treat an infection, run a mile (or just close the tab).

While eating some foods, such as yogurt, can help treat things like yeast infections, it shouldn’t be actually inserted into your vagina. 

If you have ever read This is Going to Hurt by Adam Kay, you will certainly think twice about popping anything other than a clean finger, penis or food grade silicone sex toy into your vagina.

Ask the Doctor – Your questions answered

Q: What are the best tips for maintaining good vaginal health? I feel we weren’t taught this in school

A: Vagina is a self-cleaning organ and you don’t need to do anything special. Just a few simple tips will work wonders. Regularly wash your vulva and vagina with warm water, wear clean undergarments, don’t use chemical containing cosmetics, always wipe front to back, keep an eye on your vaginal discharge and its smell, look out for STDs and get tested regularly, and use separate condoms for anal and vaginal sex. 

Summary for the skimmers- Vaginal Hygiene 101

Too long? Didn’t read. We’ve got you covered in this quick summary on vaginal hygiene 

  • Don’t bother with well marketed soaps, even unscented ones
  • Wash your vulva daily with water 
  • Say no to vaginal steaming or spas
  • Wear loose clothing 
  • Change pads and tampons on the reg
  • Wipe front to back 
  • If you notice an unpleasant or fishy smell, chat with your doctor 

All in all, the vagina is a self cleaning organ. It is low maintenance (who knew having a vagina was low maintenance!). Let’s treat this wonderful environment that goes through so much with nothing more than a gentle warm water wash on the outside only.

Lots of Love, 

Our Remedy xxx

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