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things ive learnt from my hysterectomy

5 Things I’ve Learnt Since Having a Hysterectomy

thigns ive learnt since having a hysterectomy

Three years a go I had a full hysterectomy and was forced into the menopause. I can’t believe it has been three years!

Here are some things that I have learnt since having a hysterectomy, some of them might surprise you.

1. You Are A Woman

Having a womb doesn’t define if you are a woman or not. I still very much feel like a woman, even though I don’t have a womb.

2. You Can Have Kids

You can still have children, just not in the traditional sense. When I find myself saying ‘I can’t have anymore’ to someone (when they inevitably ask if I am having a second child!) I have to stop myself. You can have children, it’s just not in the traditional way and that’s okay.

Adoption is an incredible thing to do, and who knows, maybe it is what was meant for you.

3. You’re The Same Person

You may not feel exactly the same, but you will pretty much still feel like the same person. I thought I was going to be totally different, but I feel the same! If you are worried about rapid ageing after having your hysterectomy I have written about that here.

4. Supplements Will Be You BFF

Supplements will be your best friend. You will probably start noticing new symptoms like a little anxiety or insomnia but there will be something to help that. It’s important to rest up as well and not overdo it, if you want to know more about what not to do after a hysterectomy, I have written more.

We have lots of natural remedies like maca root to boost you sex drive or Pretty Peaceful Oil to ease your anxiety.

5. It’s Okay To Be Sad

After three years I have accepted that I may never get over it. I am at peace with that, I don’t know if any person can fully get over having their reproductive system removed when they did not want that, or expect it. You may have times when you feel a little sad. It’s okay to be sad during those times, it doesn’t mean you’ll feel sad forever.

I hope these help someone. If you have been through this surgery you can read more about my experience of having a hysterectomy here and the supplements I take after my hysterectomy here

I’m always open to a chat so you can message me on instagram @itsourremedy (I’m Rachel) or email [email protected]

Take care!


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