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5 Lifechanging Ways to use CBD in Food and Drinks

The quickest and easiest way to take your CBD your daily dose of CBD is using the dropper. Feel like mixing it up? We’re going to get creative and look at how you can use CBD in food and drinks. We love this way to enjoy the cannabinoid because it involves chocolate, our fave drinks and, oh, carbs!

Which let’s face it, when we are on our period, or due, it is all we’re thinking about.

Carbs are life, guys. Repeat after us – ‘’

Why am I hungrier on my period?

cbd in food Firstly, let’s talk about why you might be hungrier on your period and just before.

There is a lot to be said for how hormone levels drop off leading up to our period.

This drop in levels leads to you feeling a little cranky, which can drive you towards foods that make you feel good, like chocolate and carbs. 

Carbs and chocolate can increase serotonin and dopamine, which helps boost your mood, maybe even unknowingly – hence the craving. Our bodies are clever like that. 

Another theory is that during our period and just before, we can feel tired as our bodies use up energy in other ways.

To lift energy levels quickly your body is going to want sugary foods.

It all makes lots of sense really.

Just annoying when you’re already feeling bloated AF and all you want to do is stuff your face with chocolate and pizza and your jeans are already feeling a little snug. 

Well you know what I say. Chuck on your comfies and give your body what it is craving! 

How can you use CBD in food and drinks?

You can use CBD in food and drink in lots of creative ways. If you fancy yourself a bit of a Mary Berry then you might get busy in the kitchen with some brownie baking.

Though this might not be an everyday way to get your cannabinoid.

We asked on Instagram some of our followers favorite ways to add CBD to other things. Here are 5 ways to use CBD in food and drinks.

1. Hot Chocolate

putting cbd in drinks Adding a drop of cannabidiol to a cup of hot choc in the evenings could be a lovely way to get a sweet fix and wind down.

If you drop in Our Remedy’s Moon Swings it actually tastes like mint Areo, such a nice minty hot chocolate! We even do a vegan hot chocolate gift box with all the kit ready to go!

It will curb the cravings without you smashing 500 calories of chocolate in 10 minutes. (Not that we have any issue with that at all, your period wants what your period wants!)

2. CBD in Tea

putting cbd in food and drink There’s nothing quite like a cup of tea. A sweet tea has been known to help with shock and a strong tea – I’m talking bag in, stand the spoon up in it kind of tea- is great for a pick me up in the afternoon. 

Adding a drop of CBD into your cup of tea, however you take it, may help you to calm down if you are having a stressful day.

3. Coffee

putting cbd in drinks Coffee contains caffeine which can cause you to get a little jittery… adding a dose of cannabinoil may help to counteract this coffee anxiety.

Not only that, but if you are having a cup of coffee every morning you won’t forget to take your CBD too as they can go as a duo. Some people are better of taking their CBD in the morning, as it gives them a burst of energy, so coffee and CBD can be the perfect duo.

4. Herbal tea

putting cbd in food and drink As a way to wind down in the evening you might like a chamomile or peppermint tea – personal favorite is liquorice and peppermint.

A drop of CBD in your drink may help you to wind down ready for bed. Our Remedy has a peppermint hint which blends really well into your herbal teas. If you find CBD makes you sleepy then an evening camomile tea could be just the right CBD drink for you.

5. Cocktails

putting cbd in food and drinks This is a real trend right now. They can actually be pretty easy to make and you can get really creative with them.

Adding a dose of CBD to your boozy drinks may enhance relaxation and tastes good too. Check out our CBD cocktail recipes for inspo.

What about CBD in foods?

putting cbd in food You can add your CBD to food and drink. We personally love a gooey brownie that brings those hash brownies of university days a whole new meaning!

You can create CBD butters which then are used within your cake, biscuit and brownie baking.

You can also create CBD infused oil for cooking. This can be used in homemade pesto pasta and topped off with a poached egg or grilled tofu. 

Eating CBD in this way provides a slow release as it has to mix with the food in your digestive system.

While this release is slower to kick into gear, the effects are said to last a little longer. To bake with CBD you need a dry herb vaporiser and to have heated the bud. There’s lots of tutorials on YouTube!

What does CBD taste like?

Now you are thinking that if CBD tastes gross then you will ruin a perfectly good hot chocolate or cocktail. Well you’d be wrong there.

CBD in food and drinks actually tastes good!

Our Remedy‘s Moon Swings has a hint of peppermint which creates a refreshing and herbal aftertaste. 

Some CBD’s are not so delicious and you might find yourself trying to disguise the taste. 

With ours we have already done that for you by creating unique mixes using organic essential oils. 

How do you enjoy CBD in food and drinks? Let us know on Insta @itsourremedy

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