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How to Make a DIY Bubble Bath

DIY Bubble Bath

how to make a DIY Bubble Bath

One of my absolute favourite things to do after a busy day is to wind down in a bubbly bubble bath. I like it to be like that scene in Pretty Woman. Bubbles spilling out the top, but not a cassette player in sight.

However, there’s an issue. I always feel so guilty using a quarter of a bottle of bubble bath that comes in a plastic bottle. It isn’t just the plastic though. It is the man made perfume that it is loaded with. I’m not even 100% sure what else is in there, and then entering my body through my skin. 

I buy plastic free soap and shampoo bars. But I struggle to find a bubble bath that isn’t in a plastic container and has ingredients that I can pronounce. 

Enter a DIY bubble bath!

I’ve been using this guilt free, DIY bubble bath for a few months now and I feel great knowing what is in it and the fact it is reducing my single use plastic. 

Why bubbles?

Adding bubbles to the bath can add a gorgeous aroma. They can also keep the water warmer for longer by trapping the air in the bubbles. 

How to make big bubbles 

To make big bubbles you want to add the solution directly under the running tap. The higher the water pressure the bigger the bubbles. 

How do you make DIY bubble bath 

I’ve tried a few recipes over the last few months. Felt a little like a scientist as I tried to find the bubbliest bubble blend with the least amount of waste. 


The best recipe I tried and found was actually using few ingredients. All of which I can easily pronounce.

What you need to make DIY bubble bath


  • ½ cup liquid castile soap
  • ¼ cup of coconut oil
  • Few drops of the essential oils of your choice 


NOTE: I found it hard to find liquid castile soap that wasn’t in a plastic bottle. However, I decided that even using castile soap in the recipe I was still using less plastic than I would if I was using a shop bought bubble bath. The recipe doesn’t call for a huge amount of it so the bottle should last a while. 


Coconut oil is easily found in glass jars, as are essential oils.

  • Liquid castile soap – Castile soap, a coconut-based soap, is the base of this recipe. On its own, castile soap doesn’t create very many bubbles (and they don’t last long).
  • Vegetable glycerin – Glycerin is the ingredient that gives the bubbles a boost. It helps make more suds and also helps the bubbles last longer.
  • Essential oils – A natural way to give the bubble bath a nice scent (without yucky chemical fragrances). They can also be used therapeutically (to enhance relaxation, for example).

Instructions to make DIY bubble bath 

  1. Mix all the ingredients together in a glass bottle or clean jam jar. 
  2. Pour some of the mixture under the running water and watch the bubbles multiply! 

If you have children it is a fun rainy day activity that you can do together. You could even add a few drops of natural colouring to liven things up. Might even get them in the bath… 

My favorite DIY bubble bath essential oil blend 

I add eucalyptus and lavender to my DIY bubble bath mix. It smells fantastic and is the perfect blend to help me wind down and get ready for bed. I always drink a chamomile tea with a drop of Our Remedy CBD as I have a long and relaxing soak.

We’d love to know what you will be adding to yours. Tell us on Insta, we are @itsourremedy 

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