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How your Hair and Skin Changes During your Cycle

how your hair and skin changes during your cycleStanding in front of the mirror just before your period and nothing looks right. You’re having a bad hair day. You have a brand new spot, shining like a beacon. Did you know that your hair and skin changes during your cycle?

You are not alone and there is actual science and hormones behind why you feel this way – you are not going mad. Though, I know before my period I’ve certainly considered that I might be.

In this blog, I am going to share how your hair and skin changes during your cycle.

Let’s know and understand our bodies ladies. We might be complex, but that complexity just makes us more incredible.

how hair skin and nails change
Biotin may help with hair, skin and nails

How your hair and skin changes during your cycle 


People report more bad hair days around their period. While this could possibly be linked to an increase in sebum in the skin around this time of the month.

Those with oily skin may notice that it ramps up just before and during your period. This increase can also lead to hair getting greasy quickly. 

A study (‘Bad hair days’, scalp sebum excretion and the menstrual cycle) did note that while more people reported bad hair days around their period, it didn’t correlate to the sebum levels. What does this mean? Well, it could mean that your mood is making you feel like your hair looks bad, when actually it is looking as good as ever!

Another period hair change you might notice is a loss of hair. Oestrogen and iron levels drop off during your period which can cause you to lose more hair than you would at other points of your cycle. You might not notice this, unless you are obsessively counting the hairs on your hairbrush. If you are noticing large clumps or anything to be concerned about, chat with your GP. (Remember, we aren’t professional – just a bunch of girls with a lot of life experience.)

If you are struggling with hair growth, you may want to look at supplements for hair growth. We love Biotin for this! 


During your period your skin goes through some changes too. 

You might have noticed that just before your period and during, your skin could be prone to being more oily. This is thanks to the possible increase in sebum during this time. Some have also reported that their skin is more sensitive during periods. This could be down to low levels of estrogen during menstruation. 

While it is not too clear just how much estrogen affects the sebaceous glands, we know it plays a part in skin health. We know that estrogen is connected with skin thickness, hydration, healing and increased collagen production. 

Others have reported dry skin during the premenstrual phase. Those who have skin conditions might find that it is worse during this time. 

Our biotin supplements is blended with copper and zinc to support radiant skin. Shop biotin, copper and zinc here.

How to look after your skin during your period

Whether or not your skin is getting oily before and during your period, it is always good to have a skincare routine. As a minimum, each evening and morning you should wash your face and make sure you remove any makeup. An SPF moisturiser wouldn’t go amiss in the day either! Maybe add some hemp oil to your routine (keep your eyes peeled for an Our Remedy announcement soon…..)

How to look after your hair during your period

Whether you have, thick curls, pin straight hair, pink, purple, ginger or black hair, you need to take care of it .

We always recommend you minimise the use of heat on your hair and use a heat protectant when you do use it. Wear your hair in protective hairstyles when you sleep to stop tangling and breakages. Also try not to brush your hair when it is wet as it is at its weakest and could get damaged.

BUT!!! Most importantly, put that home box dye down!!!

We hope you enjoyed learning about your hair, skin and nails throughout your cycle. If you are looking for ways to help with hair and nail growth and support radiant skin, we recommend trying biotin supplements. 

how hair skin and nails change
Biotin may help with hair, skin and nails
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