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One Year After Hysterectomy 

TLDR: This is an update of how I was doing one year after hysterectomy. You’ll find video footage and a real, open and honest account of my journey.

No time to read? Let me read this one out to you!

In 2019 I had a full hysterectomy due to borderline ovarian cancer found basically, everywhere. It all had to go and with that so did my ability to have children and naivety around menopause. I was a 30 year old who was now navigating a whole new world. You can read more on my personal story of my hysterectomy here.

Here’s a little update on how I am doing one year after hysterectomy. This is raw, honest and personal but I hope not scary and maybe even a little bit positive, to put your mind at ease. 

Video Diary One Year After Hysterectomy 

I don’t exactly know why I made a video diary of my recovery, I just felt like it would be useful one day to other people. Then I started this blog and I was right, it has been invaluable to so many people. 

So here is my update exactly one year after hysterectomy, it’s an emotional one. 

Scars One Year After Hysterectomy 

I had keyhole surgery for my hysterectomy so my hysterectomy scars were minimal to begin with. I have had a laparotomy before so in the pictures you can see my laparotomy scars too, in these pictures it has been 18 months since I had the laparotomy so if you are having open stomach for your hysterectomy it is a good indication of what your scar might look like. 

You will barely be able to see the key hole scars, there is one to the right that is the one one you can really see on year after hysterectomy!

Yoy can see detailed pics of my hysterectomy scars and laparotomy scars here

one year after hysterectomy

How I Am Feeling Emotionally One Year After Hysterectomy 

When I found out I needed a hysterectomy I was heartbroken because I wanted a second child and I really didn’t want to be 30 and menopausal. 

I am a fairly positive, upbeat kind of person so I really tried not to let it get me down. If anything it was done the opposite, I have suddenly found this zest for life that I didn’t have before. 

I go out more, say yes to everything and won’t miss out on anything. I feel like I need to live life because you never know what is around the corner. 

I do think I have probably buried some of my emotions and covered negative feelings with a glass of wine but I am trying to be gentle on myself as one year after hysterectomy is still very early. 

I am still incredibly sad about not being able to have a second child but at some point, I may allow myself to consider the options of having a second child through surrogacy or adoption but at the moment I just don’t have the head space for it. 

So if you are wondering how you will feel emotionally one year after hysterectomy I would say it is very normal to feel emotional still and like those scars are still healing

I am part of a few Facebook support groups and I posted in there to try and support anyone facing the surgery. It got such a wonderful response as you hear so many hysterectomy horror stories. 

Here is what I posted. It says a lot about how I am doing emotionally one year after my hysterectomy. 

one year after hysterectomy

Summary – How I am Feeling Emotionally One Year After Hysterectomy 

  • Still emotional 
  • I feel like I have a new zest for life 
  • Still struggling to accept my infertility 

How I Am Feeling Physically One Year After Hysterectomy

I recovered pretty quickly in the first few weeks as I had keyhole surgery which is much less invasive than a laparotomy, I have also had a laparotomy before and received my diary recovering from a laparotomy here. 

Within about 3 months I had returned to my usual physical activities so one year after the hysterectomy I am doing all my usual activities, which to be honest aren’t particularly strenuous. I lift weights, do yoga and walk a lot and one year after hysterectomy I am able to do all these things. 

I have had two holidays with friends, am able to pick up and carry my (pretty heavy!) 3 year old and can walk long distances easily. 

I feel a lot of how well I have recovered from my hysterectomy is down to the fat I have always worked out, eaten well and been fairly active. 

Summary – How I Am Physically One Year After Hysterectomy 

  • Able to walk long distance
  • Do yoga
  • Lift weights
  • Carry/pick up my son
  • Continue my normal socialisng 

Activities One Year After Hysterectomy 

Check Ups With Doctors One Year After Hysterectomy 

I have regular check ups with the Doctor to watch out for recurrence of the borderline ovarian cancer, but I have also had one check to see how I am one year after hysterectomy from my doctors point of view. 

It has been 2020/2021 so in person check ups have been tricky, but I have been checked and the doctors are happy with my recovery.

Menopause Symptoms One Year After Hysterectomy 

I have been on HRT since I had my surgery so one year after hysterectomy I don’t feel I am experiencing many menopause symptoms, I feel pretty good. I don’t know if it is because I take the right supplements after a hysterectomy or that HRT is helping me. 

I do find I am hotter than most people and I don’t wear roll necks (specfici I know, but I just can’t!) or really tight clothes anymore, but I don’t think I have had a hot flush, and by the sounds of them, I would know!

I find myself a little bit more irritable as well, but I just take myself away from the situation that is irritating me and breathe (honestly, if my husband eats an apple anywhere NEAR me!)

Probably the worst thing I have experienced is feeling drier down there, having a dry vagina is not something you will even think about until it happens to you! I looked into natural remedies for vaginal dryness and spoke to my doctor about getting an internal estrogen cream, both of which helped. 

I also stopped wearing knickers so mucha s there are lots of benefits to not wearing underwear and one of them is helping with thrush (which a dry vagina might cause!) 

I also started taking probitocs which I found helpful for thrush and also a nice welcome side effect was how they eased my bloating. 

Summary – Menopause Symptoms One Year After Hysterectomy

  • I have been on HRT and not had many
  • I feel a little more irritable 
  • I get hotter than most people and avoid roll necks 
  • I have struggled with thrush so stopped wearing underwear and started taking probiotics

 HRT Journey One Year After Hysterectomy

I have been on HRT gel for the past year and it works well for me, there are different types of HRT but I have only tried one. 

My doctor actually has done me a massive favour as we pay per prescription in the UK which is about 9 pounds, and I was getting one bottle in a pack. I spoke to them about how much I was getting through and they changed my prescription to 6 bottles, so now I get 6 bottles and do 3 pumps a day which lasts me about 5 months. 

That’s it, my journey so far one year after hysterectomy 

If you have any questions at all you are welcome to contact me [email protected] 

Speak soon, 


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