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How to Deal With Your Period on Holiday

Have you just checked your calendar to see that you’ll be on your period on holiday?

Periods don’t care if you’re going on a clubbing holiday in Ibiza, up the ski slopes in Italy or a lazing on a beach in Mexico.  If it’s due, it will come. 

However, Miss Monthly doesn’t have to ruin a good thing. You don’t have to dread the trip just because it falls during the week of your period.

Here are a few tips and tricks to help you to deal with your period during your holiday.

period on holiday

Prepare for your period on holiday

By prepare we mean in terms of clothing, plans and of course, sanitary products. 

Chances are unless you’re going backpacking in the bush, there will be shops. However, having the sanitary brands you know and like will make you feel more comfortable. Look at your diary and work out how much you need to pack. If you’re only going to be on your period for two days of the trip, you won’t need a multipack of tampons taking suitcase space.

In terms of clothing, now might not be the time for a white swimsuit or white linen trousers, particularly if you have a heavy flow. You also need to make sure you pack those favourite comfy pants for nighttime! (We’ve all got them!)

It isn’t only clothing you need to prepare, you also will want to think about the activities you are doing on which day. If you know period day 2 leaves you feeling pretty crampy, hungry and moody, then it might be a better idea to chill on the beach rather than commit to lots of activities

period on holiday

Embrace the fruits and stay hydrated

While you are away make sure you enjoy the exotic fruits and veggies on offer.  Water-Rich fruits, such as watermelon, will help to keep you hydrated. During your period you might be more prone to headaches and menstrual migraines. Curb these by ensuring you’re taking enough fluids on board. Of course, you can drink lots of water, but a juicy, cold watermelon, is a delicious way to top up the liquids.

Not only that, but drinking water and eating watery fruits may help with bloating too and curb sweet cravings.

Know your period symptoms and manage them on holiday

If you know that you get cramps that can leave you bed-bound or mood swings that make you feel rubbish, then make sure you have what you need to manage symptoms.

You might pack some extra strong pain killers, Our Remedy CBD, hot water bottle and anything else that might help with your symptoms. 

Travelling abroad with CBD is legal in many places. However, you should check the country you are travelling to before you pack up your CBD. This is because in some countries the cannabinoid is classed as a controlled drug. 

Our cramps bundle is also perfect for helping manage symptoms, and you can save 20% by getting all 3 together. Shop our cramps bundle here.

period on holiday

Read our tips on going abroad with CBD on our blog

Consider your alcohol intake

Drinking alcohol may intensify your PMS symptoms. You might find yourself with a headache, increased cramps and fatigue. One cocktail or wine shouldn’t do any harm though!

period on holiday

Get moving

One way to manage your period on holiday is to get moving, particularly if you have cramps. You might join a poolside yoga class, head out for a walk or just do your own light workout on the balcony. Getting the blood flowing can really help you to beat cramps and the endorphins can lift your mood. 

There are a few tips for dealing with your period on holiday. What’s your top tip for if you are on your period on holiday?

To Sum Up | Dealing With Your Period On Holiday

Stay hydrated

Pack the period products you are comfortable with

make sure you have your CBD and any other natural remedies

Pack paracetamol and ibuprofen incase of emergencies

Go for gentle walks and find time to do some yoga

Try not to drink too much alcohol

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