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Vegan Sweets we Are Sweet On

girl with pink holding rainbow lollypops over her eyes - vegan sweets

Vegan sweets are not so hard to find these days. We have rounded up some of our favourite vegan sweets to get your taste buds tingling.

When I first became a vegetarian I was 14. I only knew one other vegetarian at the time who was my age and she used to always eat Millions (those little round ball sweets). I asked her why and she said because they’re vegetarian. 


Sweets aren’t vegetarian?! 

This actually blew my mind. Sweets are meat? They didn’t look like meat, they certainly didn’t taste like meat. 

A chat with the chef where I worked at the time taught me all about gelatin and the alternative options. 

I was pretty disgusted at what I was eating when I popped a couple of Haribo! 

I’ve always loved sweets and found that at first it was quite limited to which veggie or vegan sweets were available. Back then (oh did I just say that!?) it was just Millions and Haribo Strawbs with the certified V label. My favorite Fruit Pastilles were a thing of the past!

Fast forward to 2021 and now when I get a pick and mix (30 years old and unashamed as I fight the little kids for the scoops) there are actually SO many options! Even Fruit Pastilles have gone vegan! 

Here are some of my favorite vegan sweet brands and suppliers 

Candy Kittens 

Candy Kittens are a gourmet sweet brand with sustainability at its heart. These sweet and sour jellies come in obviously recyclable packaging and they are a carbon neutral production. Not only that, but they contain no palm oil or carnauba wax and certainly no animal gelatine. 

Free From Fellows

Free From Fellows offer all of the classic sweets. I’m talking cola bottles, gummy bears, midget gems and pear drops. Their twist and USP is that they are all vegan, sugar free and gluten free. 

You won’t have to look far in the high street shops to find Free From Fellows either. They’re stocked in Planet Organic, Holland and Barrett, Ocardo, Whole Foods, Grape Tree and lots of others. 

Jealous Sweets

Jealous sweets are a vegan sweet brand who have created more of the classics with their own spin. Enjoy sweet, sour, juicy and fizzy selections all of which are palm oil and sugar free. They come in fully recyclable packaging and have no artificial flavours.

Oh – and they’re delicious. You can pick these up in Ocardo and Holland and Barrett, among other highstreet retailers and of course, their website. 

That Vegan Sweet Shop

Okay, so this one isn’t a brand as such, but we love a small business here at Our Remedy. That Vegan Sweet Shop specialises in delivering vegan sweets to your door!


Enjoy a huge selection of fully vegan sweeties all in one box with recyclable, compostable and biodegradable packaging. 

That Vegan Sweet Shop has some of my absolute favourites including: fizzy bubblegum bottles, fizzy cherries, fizzy cola bottles, sour blue babies, sour melon slices, Swizzle sweets and SO many more.

They’d make a great gift for someone, or a gift for you, from you, for being you. 

Fruit Pastilles 

I was in two minds whether to add Fruit Pastilles to this list. I mean, I love them and the fact they are now vegan is a win. But, the packaging is not easily recyclable. They use Terracycle which isn’t done at the curbside. It can be a ball ache. You have to find a location to drop off your package.

How likely are people to do this unless you save up lots of sweet and crisp packets for one massive drop off? 

I’m hoping that with Fruit Pastilles making the big change of going vegan, that they look at making the recycling easier next. 

Vegan sweets 

Vegan sweets are out there and they are delicious!! 

Check out these brands next time you have a hankering for a guilt free, pick and mix. 

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