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CBD for Menopause | 4 Reasons we Rate it

This article has been medically reviewed by Doctor Ramlah Tariq FCPS on/gyn, RMP, MBBS, BSc. You can read more about our medical review policy here. It is also based on Rachel’s real life experience.

In this article, we are going to be chatting about all things menopause.

Whether it is natural or surgical, it can be an overwhelming time with new symptoms and emotions cropping up.

We have rounded up two women of different ages and in different situations, both of which are going through the menopause. We sat down with them to learn about their meno experience. 

We chat Rachel who was put in the menopause due to surgery in 2019, aged 31 and Jackie, who naturally went through the menopause in her mid 50’s. 

First, let’s take a look at the thoughts on CBD for menopause and why both our ladies rave about it. 

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Loose Women star, Andrea McLean, is one of the many women who are using CBD oil for menopause symptoms. She claims it changed her life. But, it isn’t only middle aged women to start the menopause.

Andrea Mclean takes CBD to help with menopause symptoms

If you are due to have a hysterectomy along with ovaries taken then you will also be facing the menopause, at an age not usually associated with it. Chemotherapy can also bring on the menopause at a much younger age.

Whatever your age, menopause symptoms can be uncomfortable, irritating and even might be embarrassing. You might want to manage the symptoms with natural remedies, which is where CBD for menopause comes in. 

How might CBD for menopause help?

1. Sleepless nights and Anxiety

When you are going through the menopause you might notice that your anxiety levels are through the roof. This can be because of hormone changes. especially estrogen. Having high anxiety levels can really impact your sleep.

CBD is thought to have a calming effect, helping you to wind down and drift off. Without 10000 thoughts whirling around your head!

A study has claimed it to be a promising drug for anxiety related disorders due to its calming effect.

Try adding a dose to your evening hot chocolate or chamomile tea. Our Remedy has a peppermint hint, which works so well in either of those!


2. Mood changes

As estrogen and progesterone drop off around the menopause can cause low mood. The night sweats and poor sleep might also cause you to be a little groggy. You can read about mood swings and the menopause here.

CBD may help to treat a poorly functioning endocannabinoid system, which can relate to mood. In a study involving mice it was found that CBD operates in the brain in a similar way to antidepressants.

In another study, it is claimed that CBD could represent a novel, fast antidepressant drug.

cbd for menopause and bone denstiy

3. Bone density loss


A research published in NCBI reports that during the menopause transition the average decrease in bone mineral density is about 10%. Women could be losing around 10-20% within those years. This can increase chances of osteoporosis and bone breakages.

There is current research looking at how CBD interacts with the cannabinoid receptor which may help to reduce bone density loss.

It blocks a receptor that is involved in activation of osteoclasts which are the cells responsible for bone degeneration hence it improves bone mass. Read more about that here. 

There are still no specific dosing guidelines available at this point as it is still to be recognized by officials as a therapeutic agent due to lack of standardized researches proving its benefits.

4. Hot flashes

There are a few solutions to those hot flushes that seem to start from your toes all the way to the top of your head, like someone set an internal fire. Anti-depressants and SSRIs like Paroxetine and Venlafaxine have a neurochemical basis and have been found to help, as have your trusty folding hand fans. Therefore, these are approved by FDA in US. You can read more about that here.

However, unless you’ve got someone fanning you, this can actually make you hotter. Anti-depressants and SSRIs come with their own side effects too.

Decreases in serotonin which go alongside perimenopause and menopause can cause these hot flashes. If serotonin levels fall, it can increase the likelihood of a hot flush along with depression and anxiety. CBD might help by influencing your body’s serotonin system and encouraging the uptake, as proved by this research >

Another study on perimenopausal and menopausal women in Canada showed promising results of CBD used in hot flashes but still more research is required.

Body temperature changes can affect your sleep, work and personal life. One woman we spoke to said:

“It’s embarrassing. I work in a male environment so they don’t quite get it. Once I was in a meeting with the board of directors, all men, and could feel my temperature rising as I started to sweat and become red faced. I was too embarrassed to open the window as it was a cold January morning.”

we chant to rachel founder o four remedy about her experiences using cbd for menopause

Now, let’s chat to Rachel. Rachel had a total hysterectomy and both ovaries removed in 2019. You can read about her experience of that in more detail here. She shares an honest interview which we hope will help you if you are going through the menopause.

How did you feel when you found out you’d be launched into menopause?

I was really worried I would totally change as a person. At 31 I really thought I was going to start actually like I was 51. I thought I’d be swapping nights out for nights knitting.

What is the worst side effect you’ve had? 

I would say I am much more irritable these days than I used to be. I feel irritable about the fact I am irritable! Although, I try really hard to chill out by breathing. I do daily yoga and make an effort to take time out to do something for me. I might read or have a bath. 

My husband knows he can’t eat or even breathe loudly in the same room as me now, so we have adapted and we work around it. If he picks up a bag of popcorn, I just walk out of the room! It’s not ideal but I don’t just sit there feeling tense and irritated, it makes things worse. 

I’ve also noticed how different my vagina feels since being in the menopause. I don’t think I ever really thought about it before but I’m more aware of clothes being tight now and can feel it’s more uncomfortable day to day, which is actually very annoying!

I have worked with the Doctors to get the right estrogen to use here and it’s really helpful. CBD is meant to help increase blood circulation too, so I think it also helps to make sure I’m taking my daily dose. 

cbd for menopause

How do you think CBD helps? 

I started taking CBD for sleep before I went into surgical menopause. I do still sleep well so I think the CBD is working. Sleep has always been a struggle of mine so I was convinced after the op it would be awful, but the CBD seems to be winning over the menopause! 

I get the odd bad night so I up my dose and make sure I’m keeping to my bedtime routine. You can read my sleep tips here.

I do get a little more anxiety these days than I ever did before, and sometimes think this is something menopause can bring on, you worry more the older you get I think. If I’m feeling anxious I take an extra pipette of CBD, you can’t overdose and I find it really helpful. 

How much / how often do you take CBD?

I take half a pipette in the morning every day with all my other supplements. Our Remedy CBD is a mint flavoured CBD, so works really well in the morning after you have brushed your teeth. I also put a few drops in a camomile tea before bed most nights. This sends me into a really lovely sleep and I always wake up feeling refreshed.

Has anything about being in the menopause surprised you? 

I’ve not had a single hot flash! I am generally quite a ‘hot’ person anyway, I hate wearing big jumpers, roll necks or anything I know will make me feel hot and flustered, so honestly I thought I would suffer really badly from them. 

Maybe all my heat just left my body over the years before the menopause anyway, who knows! 

Do you miss having period? 

I really, really, really do not! Honestly it’s the only positive I can take from my situation. I love not having to worry every 4 weeks about what I’m doing, or how I’ll feel if someone invites me to something and I know I’ll be on.

In the past I have come on my period wearing a white dress and not having that fear is great! I was very sad when I knew I was having my last period though, thinking I’d miss it but I’m pleased to report I don’t!

cbd for menopause

Do you take HRT?

I take the gel HRT and take it in the morning and night. I haven’t tried being without it yet, as I’m so young it’s highly recommended I continue taking it for quite a few years yet, maybe 15. You can take CBD and HRT together (no drug interactions reported) so I think why not!

CBD for the menopause – could it help me?

CBD shows some real promise proved by many researches in how it helps manage symptoms of the menopause. We also get great feedback from not only our founder, but our customers too.
If you want to give it a try Our Remedy is not just for periods, but helpful when they are stopping too.

Real life story: Taking CBD through the natural menopause

menopause real life experience

What age did you start going through the menopause?

I’d say I started going through the menopause in my mid 50’s. I had my last period at 55, and that is the best thing about it! It’s surprising how long it actually takes to go through it fully. 

What was your worst symptom

Hot flushes. 100%. I didn’t have the night sweats, mine were in the day. It starts from the top of my head, then into my face then into my whole body. I would be embarrassed if it happened when I was talking to someone or in a supermarket. 

I also found I got more anxious about things like driving. I was always a nervous driver on motorways but I could still do the odd trip if I had to. Now I just wouldn’t do it. I’d get the train! Places like supermarkets were also a little overwhelming, especially if I didn’t know the shop or if it was a big one. 

I was worried about weight gain. However, I eat lighter meals and exercise to help with this.

can cbd help with menopause

Did you find it impacted your day to day life?

I found myself worried about when hot flashes might happen. Where I’d be or who I would be with. This heightened anxieties. You never know when they’re going to crop up and it can be embarrassing – unless you’re talking to a woman of a similar age!

Do you take any medication to help manage symptoms?

I was on HRT for 2 years, as they said that was the maximum time for you to be on it. They took me off HRT very gradually which was good. They put me on one at first where you still bleed every month, then onto one with no bleeds – which was better for me.

I started taking CBD October 2019, so almost a year now. I use Our Remedy tinctures. I’ve found it to actually taste nice! 

How much CBD oil do you take?

I take 2 drops in the morning with my vitamins and 2 drops in the evening in my cup of herbal tea. 

I also take vitamin D for my bones and B12 for my hair which can thin during the menopause.

How do you feel CBD oil has helped you?

I get very few hot flushes now, which was my worst symptom. I also feel that it helps me to relax during periods of anxiety. I mean, I’m not likely to get on the motorway still, but I don’t feel so overwhelmed during the supermarket shop!

I’ve not had any adverse side effects from taking it either, so I think if I feel like it is helping me, I’m going to keep taking it.

As long as I’m not looking after the grandchildren I sleep through the night!

Is it safe to take CBD and HRT?

HRT, also called Hormone Replacement Therapy, is something prescribed to help manage symptoms of the menopause.

There is some thought that taking CBD alongside HRT may reduce some of the risks which come with the meds, such as breast cancer and blood clots. 

There are a lot of researches going on CBD and its effects on endocannabinoid system which when studied along with HRT, logically proves that CBD shows minimal interactions with hormones hence it is somewhat safe to use both.

You should be fine taking CBD with HRT, however, if you are concerned, do chat with your Doctor, or alternative health practitioner. 

Any questions drop us an email [email protected] or use the live chat.

cbd for menopause
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