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how to beat blue monday

How to Beat Blue Monday

January 20th 2020 is known as Blue Monday. It is said to be the most depressing day of the year. Dr Cliff Arnall coined the phrase in 2005 after using a formula to work out exactly why this day is so bleak as part of a marketing campaign for Sky Travel. 

The factors that determine why it is so depressing are:

  • Weather (Will we ever see spring?)
  • Debt (I can’t face beans on toast again. Roll on payday)
  • Time since Christmas (Did I ever even have a break and eat all that cheese?)
  • Time since failing on New Year’s resolutions (It was only a small glass of wine…)
  • Low motivation levels (It’s too cold and wet to get out and run.)

How can you beat Blue Monday and not join all those morbid faces on the tube to work? We’ve got some tips to not only help you get your Blue Monday off to a good start but your year too. 

How to beat Blue Monday

Give people compliments 

Blue Monday affects us all. Maybe you could be the reason someone feels a little better on this day. Aim to give five compliments to different people during your working day. 


Exercise is a well known, but underused, antidepressant. Moving your body will help you to boost feel-good endorphins. Try working out in the morning before you set off for the day so that you can bounce into the office and spread your good mood! If you don’t have a gym membership you could try working out at home using a YouTube video or even walking part of your commute. 

Treat yourself on Blue Monday

Payday was probably a million years ago and funds might be a little tight. However, your treat doesn’t have to be a new pair of designer shoes, it could just be a chocolate treat after lunch or a fancy coffee. Today is a day to be kind to yourself.

Sleep well 

Getting 7-9 hours of sleep will help you to feel happier the next day. It will help you be better able to deal with stressful situations and get on with people easier. If you work in an office with someone who really grates on you, then you might notice having enough sleep helps you deal with these people a little better. 

If sleep is something you struggle with, then have a dose of CBD before bed to help you to switch off and relax into sleep.

Find out how CBD can help with sleep here >

Make plans for tonight

Plans don’t have to cost money. You could just make a plan to invite a friend round to binge-watch a box set, or if no one is free then make plans with yourself to do the same. Having something to look forward to after work can really boost your mood throughout the day. 

Make plans for the future

Payday is coming. Promise. You’re probably just a week or so away before your next pay. Why don’t you spend a little time today making budget plans for the year? Maybe you’ve got a holiday to save for, or something expensive, you want to buy. Now is the time to get things in order. It also feels really good making a neat spreadsheet with all your future plans! 

Get outside 

Studies have found that walking may ease depression and lift your mood. If possible, try and get out at lunchtime for a walk or ask other people in the office if you can do a walking meeting rather than sitting in a stuffy room. 

Start your search for a new job

If the probably actually isn’t Blue Monday, it is every Monday and all the days in between at work getting you down, maybe it is time for a new job. Spend the evening or your commute working on your CV, then have a little search for roles you fancy. 

Blue Monday is a state of mind. You are in control of how you feel today. Make sure you decide to be positive and happy as the best way to beat Blue Monday.

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