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how to beat blue monday

How to Beat Blue Monday

Blue Monday = Monday feels x 1000

beat blue monday January 15th 2024 is the Mondayist of Monday’s that ever Mondayed. It has been dubbed as the most depressing day of the year, labeled Blue Monday.

Writing this blog in 2024, in what feels like months of endless Sunday’s, it leaves me wondering, will January the 18th still be Blue Monday? 

There are a few factors which determine why this date is so depressing 

  • Weather (I can’t feel my toes)
  • Debt (I can’t face beans on toast again. Roll on payday)
  • Time since Christmas (Did I ever even have a break and eat all that cheese?)
  • Time since failing on New Year’s resolutions (It was only a small glass of wine…)
  • Low motivation levels (It’s too cold and wet to get out and run.)

However! We can and we will beat Blue Monday!

Just like Dr Cliff developed Blue Monday, we have developed a strategy to overcome the Mondayist Monday.

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How to beat Blue Monday

1. Say Hello, give a compliment

beat blue monday by being friendly Blue Monday affects us all. Maybe you could be the reason someone feels a little better on this day.

When you are out for a walk make a point of smiling and saying hello to someone you pass. If you can, drop them a compliment – maybe they have a great hat on!

2. Exercise

beat blue monday by doing a workout Exercise is a well known, but underused, antidepressant. Moving your body will help you to boost feel-good endorphins.

Try working out in the morning before you do anything else.

There are lots of YouTube or Insta workout videos, or you could look for a Personal Trainer who is offering online plans to keep you motivated and accountable. 

3. Treat yourself on Blue Monday

make yourself a priority quote Payday was probably a million years ago and funds might be a little tight.

However, your treat doesn’t have to be a new pair of designer shoes, it could just be a chocolate treat after lunch or a fancy coffee takeaway from the local coffee shop. 

4. Get some zzz's

beat blue monday by sleeping well Getting 7-9 hours of sleep will help you to feel happier the next day. It will help you be better able to deal with stressful situations and get on with people easier. 

If sleep is something you struggle with, then have a dose of Pretty Peaceful CBD before bed to help you to switch off and relax into sleep.

Find out how CBD can help with sleep here >

5. Make plans for tonight

beat blue monday by having a bath Okay, so the weather is bad and you have NO money but maybe you could video call a friend or family member, do a home yoga workout, a puzzle, watch a film, have a glass of wine or your favorite dinner or even turn your bathroom into a mini spa! Just have a plan to look forward to. 

How dreamy does this bath look! Just grab some bubble bath, a new bathbomb and candles and you have your own little spa!

6. Make plans for the future

beat blue monday by making plans Why don’t you spend a little time today making budget plans for the year? Now is the time to get things in order. It also feels really good making a neat spreadsheet with all your future plans! 

7. Get outside

blue monday get outside Studies have found that walking may ease depression and lift your mood.

If possible, try and get out at lunchtime for a walk if you are working from home. If you are going into a place of work and have meetings, then suggest meeting outside for a walk. 

8. Start a job search

beat blue mondays If the problem actually isn’t Blue Monday, it is every Monday and all the days in between at work getting you down, maybe it is time for a new job.

Spend the evening working on your CV, then have a little search for roles you fancy.

Think positive - but feel the feels

It’s easy to say – be positive – but if you are feeling low, then remember you don’t have to be positive all the time. It is okay to feel your feelings. Above we have set out some ideas to make yourself feel better, we really hope they do. 

If you are low more than just on this Blue Monday, make sure you talk to someone about how you feel. It is a weird time in our lives, and the more we communicate our feelings with people we trust, the better.

Sending love this Blue Monday xoxo

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