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Join us as we take the lid off topics; CBD and women’s experiences, female health and period taboos.

Best Tea for Cramps

Could tea really help periods? Best tea for cramps incoming… There’s nothing quite like a warm and comforting cup of tea is there? It can help you cope with almost anything. Sweet

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5 Ways to Manifest your Dreams

How to manifest your dreams this year  Do you have a goal? Maybe it is a career goal, a financial goal, a relationship goal. Whatever it is, you could use the power

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How to Check your Breasts for Lumps

Why it’s Important to Check your Breasts? On the first day of every month, we send you, are social media followers, a reminder to check your breasts for lumps.  In the UK,

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How to Keep Your Cervix Healthy

How to keep your cervix healthy  Now there is a title you might not have searched for before. Chances are you know how to keep your heart, skin and hair healthy, but

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